Armed Security- License G

G-License – Security Armed Training (28 Hours)

The price is $200.00.* and $100.00 for annual re-qualification.

To become an Armed Security Officer it is required the State Firearm License Class, which permits to carry firearms only in the performance of Security and Investigative Duties. The State of Florida requires the Security License Class “D” Training must be completed before applying for a Class “G” License. This Firearm “G” License must be renewed on an annual basis, courses are only four hours.  A failure to renew it yearly, the State of Florida has the right to revoke the license and you will have to complete the G License course (28 hours) again.

Classroom Training– During your hours of classroom training, you will learn moral and legal aspects of firearms use, firearms nomenclature, weapons handling and shooting fundamentals, and emergency procedures.

Range Training-The hours of range training will give you practice in safely handling and firing your weapon.

Course Summary

Legal Aspect in the use of firearms Civil and Criminal liability Firearms operational safety Firearms Mechanical training Care and Maintenance of firearms Other important training topics

You must be at least 18 years old
Be a U.S citizen, or legal resident
Have no disqualifying criminal history, no felonies, no current Restraining Orders, and no convictions of Domestic Violence.
Proof of citizenship or legal resident required.
Students that obtain their G License must complete the 4 hour renewal course annually to maintain their license
You will need to do a physical medical test and pass as well a firearm proficiency course that includes a written portion and a target shooting portion.
You must have a valid D License in order to obtain the G License Range Fees are NOT included in the price

*A License Processing Fee must be paid to the state of Florida.  This fee is not included in the training price.

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Click here to download an Adobe PDF version of Florida Firearms G Application.